Sydney interior designer Jo Taylor is here to help you create beautiful and functional rooms anywhere in your home – whether you are renovating one or many.


Our high-quality kitchens are designed and built specifically for each client, so no two are the same. However, the end result is always an exquisite, bespoke kitchen that is as functional as it is beautiful. The kitchen is the hub of the modern home and one of Jo Taylor’s trademarks is designing and building it to work in harmony with centrally located indoor/outdoor living areas. We’ll create your dream kitchen using the best materials, appliances and construction, and with a personal service rarely found in a large kitchen company.


With years of experience in this specialist field, Jo Taylor Design understands that great bathrooms effortlessly combine function, beauty and comfort, and that it takes detailed planning to achieve this. We will design your ideal space, whether it’s the family bathroom or master ensuite. Our services range from designing individual features and selecting colours, finishes and materials to a complete bathroom design and construction.


Whether it’s a dedicated room, a desk under the stairs or a nook in your kitchen, we design workspaces that complement the style of your home. A well-designed home office needs comfortable workstations, the right lighting and a layout that puts work surfaces, storage and technology where you need them. We look at how you use your workspace then organise the best fit out and furniture for you.


Windows are a key architectural feature of a room and the way they are dressed can make or break it. Finding the right window treatment usually starts with questions such as: How much sun do you want to let in or block out? How much privacy do you need? What’s the best style at the right price? With over thirty years of experience in delivering the best solutions, Jo Taylor Design can guide you through the process from selection to installation.


Most of us want our bedroom to embody rest, relaxation and perhaps a touch of five-star luxury. Whatever it is for you is where we start. Jo Taylor Design specialises in creating cohesive, beautifully decorated bedrooms, with harmonious layers of colour and texture and well- designed storage. We design wardrobes and walk-in- robes with an eye for detail (poorly designed robes can cost as much as well-designed ones.) As well as style we consider ease of use, helpful lighting and the best storage solutions for you and your family.


Dependable areas, such as laundries, need to be well thought through to ensure they work hard and smart. Using the latest laundry and storage systems, Jo Taylor will design you a room that is space-efficient and functional but also stylish.


Flooring enhances the look of your interior and frames the space so it’s important to choose well. Essentially it comes down to a combination of looks, function and budget but with new technology and so much choice, it isn’t that straightforward. With an extensive knowledge of available products and how they perform, Jo Taylor Design makes selection simple. We are also experts in using flooring to define different zones in an open plan layout – a key feature in so many modern homes.


There is an art to choosing the best combination of paint colours for your exterior and it’s an expensive mistake if it doesn’t work out. We simplify the process and arrange selections for all your exterior finishes, including roofing, guttering, painted walls, windows, driveways, fences, pool surrounds, awnings and pergolas.