Redesign and transform your heritage listed home into a functional and beautiful space with Sydney Interior Design company Jo Taylor Design

Heritage homes possess an irresistible charm and character that captivates us. However, as charming as these may be, these houses were built when we lived very differently. Often dark, with many smaller rooms, these floorplans often don’t meet the needs of our modern world.

Jo Taylor Design specialises in heritage home interior design and renovation, combining expertise and passion to update and enhance these unique houses. With over 30 years of experience, Jo Taylor Design has a dedicated team of trusted architects, craftspeople and trades who understand the intricacies of heritage properties.

By seamlessly blending functionality with transformative design, Jo Taylor creates interiors that align with your lifestyle and breathe new life into your space. From navigating the design stage to working with local councils on your behalf, we ensure a thoughtful, functional and aesthetically pleasing result that honors the heritage while incorporating modern elements.


Renovating heritage homes comes with strict guidelines and restrictions to preserve their historical significance. Jo Taylor Design understands these complexities and offers expert guidance throughout the design stage, working closely with specialised architects experienced in navigating council processes. We ensure a clear and seamless design and decoration process that aligns with your vision. From start to finish, Jo Taylor Design manages your expectations, delivering optimal outcomes within budget and on schedule.


We engage skilled joiners and experts in preserving period features such as polished timber floors, original patterned ceilings, fireplaces, mantels, handrails and leadlight stained-glass windows. Our comprehensive heritage home design services cover all aspects of interior design and decoration. Alternatively, you can select specific services according to your preferences and project requirements.


Renovating heritage listed homes is an art, a labor of love. With a skilled and passionate interior designer who possesses extensive knowledge and understanding in this specialised area, these homes can be transformed into modern, comfortable spaces while honoring their history.

Preserving the house’s historical significance is crucial, and working closely with clients to understand their vision while providing expert guidance is key. Maximising the use of space and advising on the preservation of finishes are vital components of the process.

Collaborating with a trusted designer experienced in heritage homes allows for a delicate balance between retaining the essence of the beloved house and creating spaces that better suit the client’s needs, seamlessly blending with the house’s unique character.


Embracing the unique personality of each home, we understand that every client has distinct needs and desires. Throughout the project, we hold your vision close, providing individualised attention to every detail. Our collaborative design process ensures that we not only grasp your ideas but also develop a plan to translate them into reality. Our goal is to manage expectations while creating an enjoyable and supportive experience for you.


Celebrate the architectural integrity and historical charm of your heritage home.

Rethink the floorplan to create a more open and free-flowing space.

Consider the concept of open-plan kitchens, living and dining areas.

Retain and highlight the heritage features that tell the story of your home’s history, such as ceiling roses, decorative cornices, and fireplaces.

Pay attention to the details when integrating new additions to the existing structure, ensuring a seamless transition between old and new elements. Details such as skirting boards, lighting, flooring and colour can be used well to connect the different spaces.

Depending on its history and architectural significance, a heritage home may need approval for internal renovations. Check with your local council as many have rules about interior changes, street frontages and exterior colour schemes.

Consider custom cabinetry that blends with the style of your home’s era, providing functional storage solutions for modern technology.

Take into account the unique lighting conditions and available natural light when selecting interior and exterior color palettes, considering factors such as neighboring properties and shading from trees.

For heritage homes, we offer a comprehensive two-hour design consultation. During this session, you can meet Jo Taylor, share your vision for the property and gain insights into the design process and associated costs.